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X-Ray DogOn The Wire 01:58
X-Ray DogKnocked Out 01:29
XRay Dog 05:39
X-Ray DogFinal Hour 02:38
X-Ray DogScreaming Souls 02:32
X-Ray DogWhen The Good Go Bad With Vocals 02:24
X-Ray DogTime Will Tell 03:23
X-Ray DogHope Always 01:08
X-Ray DogDogs of War2 02:08
X-Ray DogHere Comes The King 01:08
X-Ray DogDethroned 01:22
X-Ray DogDarkest Empire (Remix, No Vox) 01:37
X-Ray Dog55. The Power Of One Choir ([email protected]) XRD 02:32
X-Ray DogCreepy Kids 00:54
X-Ray DogApassionata - No Choir 02:15