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MetallicaHero Of The Day 04:21
ForensickHero Of The Day 05:24
EclipticaHero Of The Day 04:52
All Faces DownHero of the Day 04:06
The Boys of Country NashvilleHero of the Day 05:10
Metallica, Michael Kamen, San Francisco SymphonyHero Of The Day (Live) 04:44
MetallicaHero of the Day (Outta B Sides Mix) 06:34
BeatallicaHero of the Day Tripper 03:22
THE Bestof day 03:45
The Day OfIn the Secret 03:27
The Day OfWhat If You Said No 04:17
The Day OfMy Friend 04:22
The Day OfSee You Through 03:53
The Day OfTake It Slow 04:52
The Day OfIt Should Have Been Me 06:00