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Cryptic WintermoonShadowland 04:54
Cryptic WintermoonSynthetic God 03:48
Cryptic WintermoonW.A.R. (Without Any Regret) 04:45
Cryptic WintermoonThrashomatic Overdrive 03:17
Cryptic WintermoonGrave Without A Name 03:44
Cryptic WintermoonGrim Frost 01:49
Cryptic WintermoonOpen Fire 06:37
Cryptic WintermoonHeavy Armed Assault 04:21
Cryptic WintermoonPortals Of Nightfall 05:30
Cryptic WintermoonThe Dark Things You Fear 01:13
Cryptic WintermoonOnce... In The Windblasted North 06:21
Cryptic WintermoonWhere The Oceans Meet Eternity 05:40
Cryptic WintermoonSupersatan 03:39
Cryptic WintermoonNightcrawler 04:51
Cryptic WintermoonHate Revealed 05:13