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The Chi-Litesgive it away 03:36
The Chi-LitesAre You My Woman (Tell Me So) 03:07
The Chi-LitesToby 03:49
The Chi-LitesI Found Sunshine 03:09
The Chi-LitesA Letter To Myself 05:35
The Chi-LitesStoned Out Of My Mind 03:05
The Chi-LitesI Want To Pay You Back (For Loving Me) 04:46
The Chi-LitesWhat Do I Wish For 02:56
The Chi-LitesThe Coldest Days Of My Life 08:32
The Chi-Lites(For God's Sake) Give More Power To The People 03:00
The Chi-Lites24 Hours Of Sadness 02:10
The Chi-LitesHave You Seen Her? 05:11
The Chi-LitesLet Me Be The Man My Daddy Was 03:43
The Chi-LitesWe Are Neighbors 03:44
The Chi-LitesHomely Girl 03:35